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FHR22 Sneak Peak

Following the last event of competition, the team elected new officers for the ‘22 season. Former powertrain engineer and system lead Derek Miller has become the new Team President, VP is awarded to former Team President and Manufacturing lead Jack Douglas, Secretary and Treasurer are secured by freshman Alex Bilbruck and Sophomore Maxx Percy, both of which were new to the team in 2021. Design and Manufacturing leads both retained their roles, Renner Larson and Bryce Ulrich will serve a second term in office. Powertrain system manager goes to freshman Dakota Dillin, who is well experienced with the Honda 600, Suspension system manager goes to senior Jack Douglas, Frame Body Aero system manager goes to freshman Riley Van Den Top, and Ergonomics system manager goes to senior Jay Dykstra.

The FHR21/22 design currently sits at roughly 85% completion and is expected to wrap up over the summer and manufacturing will begin in the fall. This leaves the entire spring semester for testing and validation before we return to in-person competition for the first time since 2019.

FHR22 Preliminary Design Specs:

Powertrain - Honda CBR 600rr 4cyl DOHC Naturally Aspirated

Modified Honda Transmission with dual actuation shifting

525 Chain drive Transmission to Differential

TRE Torsion Differential

MoTeC Engine Control Unit

AiM Vehicle Datalogging System and Digital Display

Suspension - 5th Generation Design, Pull rod actuated spring/damper/ARB system

Focused on accommodating inexperienced drivers

Targeting 1.3G Lat. without Aerodynamic Package

1st Generation Machined AL Uprights

Legacy 42t Stubshaft/Wheel Center Design

LC0 Dry Condition Tire Compound

Ergonomics - Re-Engineered high reliability braking system

Composite cockpit seat

Reclined Driver position

Steering Wheel Paddle Shifting with mechanical backup

Chassis - 4130 Steel Tube Frame

Laser Tube Coping

Aircraft Fabric Body Skin

Fancy CAD Pictures: *this is still a working design so not everything is as it will be in the future (especially the rear corners)

FHR22 Front

FHR22 Rear

FHR22 Top

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