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PROJECT: Digital Garage

FHR22 marks the 25th car designed by FHR, and over the years the physical counterparts to these cars have come and gone. To commemorate our history and breathe new life into some classic chassis a new virtual project is underway at FHR.

We have begun to round up CAD models from every competition season of FHR to use in creating high quality photo renders. This is mostly just for fun, but some of these renders may be used for promotional purposes in the future. We currently have models back to 2018 but earlier than that gets a bit dodgy, some years are missing, some are incomplete, and some are great files that just need minor touch ups.

Some samples of what we have started are shared below and should be available to download. If you are an alum of previous years and happen to have saved a copy of the final CAD assembly from your year(s), we would greatly appreciate getting a copy!




FHR18, FHR19, FHR20, FHR21B
FHR18, FHR19, FHR20, FHR21B

FHR08, FHR09, FHR10, FHR11, FHR12-13, FHR18, FHR19, FHR20, FHR22
FHR08, FHR09, FHR10, FHR11, FHR12-13, FHR18, FHR19, FHR20, FHR22 (Center)

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